Volkswagen Car Sharing

A group project which we did in collaboration with Volkswagen where the objective was to increase value in car-sharing cars. After a period of research and observation, we saw an opportunity in improving the hygiene of the cars within these car-sharing systems. We proposed a new vehicle structure that consists of a hexagonal mesh which runs through the entire body of the car. Within the these narrow channels, dirt could be sucked through via a vacuum, collecting into a small compartment at the rear of the vehicle to be easily emptied. Through this the hygiene of the shared car would continually be maintained, providing a more pleasant experience while more importantly allowing users to continue being their messy selves.

Certain areas of the mesh have different densities corresponding to the regions in which we found dirt to gather more. 

Dirt that normally accumulates on the car seat, is sucked through the mesh, continually maintaining hygiene within the car.

Our car seat design is broken down into three different regions. A fabric outer-mesh, a softer padding mesh and a solid structural mesh.

We tested the effectiveness of a variety of fabric mesh patterns through a series of experiments.

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